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Irfan Bakti, Kelantanese Coach to Selangor FA

Irfan Bakti Abu Salim Bin or Irfan Bakti is a football coach who was born in Kelantan Darul Naim. He has also represented his home state team, PB Kelantan and Malaysia's national football team. Subsequently he was involved in coaching and has trained several football clubs in Malaysia, including Kelantan, Selangor, Penang, Malacca Telekom and was the assistant coach for Malaysia national football team. He has holds the position as head coach of Indonesian football club "Jayapura Football Association of Indonesia" or simply, Persipura.Selepas two years at the club Persipura, he became a trainer for the Terengganu FA football team began in 2009.
Coaching Careers:
  • 1996: Malaysia Deaf Footall Team Silver Medal Final In the Asia Pacific Deaf Games K.L.in 1996 Malaysia defeated by Iran 1-2 in KLFA Stadium in Cheras
  • 1999 Negeri Sembilan FA:  3rd Place Premier League Cup,  Semi Final in Malaysia Cup and
    Semi Final in FA Cup
  • 2000 Negeri Sembilan FA: 6th Place in Premier League, Runners up for Malaysia Cup, and  Quarter Final in FA Cup
  • 2001 Penang FA Premier League champion, quarter final for Malaysia Cup and Quarter Final for FA Cup  
  • 2002 Penang FA 4th Place Premier League, FA Cup Champion 
  • 2003  Penang FA Sixth Place in Premier League,  Sultan Hj Ahmad Shah Cup Champion
  • 2004 Telekom Melaka FC Runners up for Premier League Cup
  • 2005 Telekom Melaka FC 4th place in Malaysia Super League and quarter final  Malaysia Cup
  • 2005/2006 Telekom Melaka FC 2nd in Malaysian Super League, Malaysia Cup Semis
  • Leaving the club 2006/2007  on February 07 to join Persipura
  • 2007 Persipura, Indonesia, Eastern Region Division One champions in  Indonesian League 2007
  • 2008 Perlis FA- 7th Place the Super League Cup, First Round FA Cup quarter-final for Malaysia Cup
  • 2009 Terengganu FA -5th Place for Super League Cup,  Semi Final FA Cup & Semi Final Malaysia Cup
  • 2010 3rd Place Malaysian Super League & FA Cup Semi Final & quarter final Malaysia Cup
  • 2011 FA Cup Champion, Runners up Malaysia Super League, and Runners up for Malaysia Cup.
Together  with Azraai Khor , Isa Bakar., Mokhtar, R. Arumugam, Rashid Hassan, Yahya Jusoh
For 2012 H will be leaving  Terengganu FA  following the contract expiry after being runners up for Malaysia Cup Championship. For 2012, he will be coaching Selangor FA.  His place will be replaced by Mat Zan Mat Aris, a premier league coach 2011 with Pos Malaysia FC. His tactical arrangement works with Terengganu FA this year. Can he deliver the same results with Selangor FA to face Kelantan FA next season...? Kelantan FA is expected to be a stronger team next year with Peter Butler to coach them. The line ups are expected to be better than 2011. Kelantan FA is waiting for the announcement from their President within this week. Rumours are saying that Khairul Fahmi will be joining Selangor FA, but let the President announce the list and updates without believing in speculations.

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