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Friendly Match: Kelantan FA vs Maldives

Kelantan FA is going to meet Maldives in the Friendly Match. Kelantan (MSL Club) vs Maldives (International Team) on Friday, November 18 · 8:30pm - 11:30pm at the Stadium MPPJ, Selangor.

As announced by Tan Sri Annuar Musa, he also added with the reason why TRW fans should come to watch this game:
1) Ticket price is only RM10! (discount 80% of the Malaysia Cup Final ticket new prices )
2) All the main TRW players will be playing (Badri Radzi, Norshahrul Idlan, Shakir, Daudsu, Subramaniam, Khairul Fahmi and all other TRW players!)
3) The introduction of new local players!
4) Introduction of international import players (other than tested so far, there is at least one more will be introduced)
4) The first game under TRW new coach Peter Butler
5) Malaysian Club teams rarely had the honor to play with the international national team.
6) It is Friday and supporters from Kota Bharu can come over to Klang Valley
7) To support TRW, do not need other reasons.

FA Maldives ranking is currently 31 in AFC (Malaysia at 27 in AFC). Those players mostly played for the AFC Cup. So, it's going to be a good match to evaluate our performance for AFC Cup.

FA Maldives National Players:

1. Faisal Mohamed (Goal Keeeper, Victory S.C)
2. Umair Mohamed (Defender, Maziya S&R)
3. Mohamed Sifan (Defender, Victory S.C)
4. Abdul Ghani Assad (Defender, Valencia)
5. Ahmed Saeed (Defender, VB Sports Club)
6. Ahmed Shafiu (Defender, Victory S.C)
7. Abdulla Haneef (Defender, VB Sports Club)
8. Sameer Fairooz Adam (Defender, VB Sports Club)
9. Arif Mohamed (Forward, VB Sports Club)
10. Naseer Mukhtar (Midfielder, Victory S.C)
11. Abdul Ghani Akram (Midfielder, Maziya S&R)
12. Gasim Shamweel (Midfielder, VB Sports Club)
13. Ismail Mohamed (Midfielder, VB Sports Club)
14. Ibrahim Shiyam (Midfielder, New Radiant S.C)
15. Hussain Niyaz (Midfielder, Maziya S&R) 
16. Fazeel Ibrahim (Forward, Victory S.C)
17. Ali Ashfaq  (Forward, VB Sports Club)
18. Ali Ashadh (Forward, VB Sports Club)
19. Fasir Ali (Forward, New Radiant S.C)

Top player Ali Ashfaq. 

Ali Ashfaq (26) is a Maldivian footballer nicknamed "Dhagandey" (Man of Steel). He has played as a forward for club Valencia, New Radiant, DPMM FC and currently playing for V.B Sports Club in the Maldivian Dhiraagu Dhivehi League. At present he is the captain of Maldives

Considered as the "best Maldivian football player in the history" and frequently cited as "South Asia's best attacking player", Ashfaq is also a member of the Maldives national football team and has won numerous Maldivian football awards. He is known for his dribbling ability, agility, speed, on-ball skills and powerful shooting as well as accuracy in passing and shooting. He became the captain of the senior Maldives national football team in 2009, at the age of only 23.

He is considered as the nation's "Iron Man" for his strong stamina and speedy strikes. He has won the Best Player of the Maldives award for a record 3 times and the Top Scorer award for a record 5 times.

Ashfaq holds the honor of the youngest ever player to score for the senior Maldives national football team with 4 goals against Mongolia in 2004. In his time with the national team he has scored two hat-tricks for the team and earned the captaincy of the team.

Ashfaq has been noticed by some big clubs in Europe like Benefica, European giants FC Porto, and Turkish club Bursaspor but Ashfaq refused to these offers.

Ashfaq first shined in the year 2003 with the local side Club Valencia. He ended the season with 30 goals and won the best player of the season, while he was only 18. He stayed with the club for the next two years also and won the top scorer in back to back 3 years. In 2004 with 33 goals while in 2005 with 36 goals. No player has ever reached even to 30 goals in a local season so far, except him.

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